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Printing Tips
Can I screen print the collapsible or bottle coolies and run them through my drier?
  Most driers operate at about 335 degrees which will work fine with the collapsible coolies.  You can use your standard plastisol inks.
Can I use a heat press to apply decoration?
  The collapsible coolies, unsewn coolies, and zipper bottle coolies all can be decorated with a heat press.  Means of decoration can include sublimation, heat applied vinyl, and heat transfers.  The foam (stand up) coolies can NOT be heat pressed.
Do you offer colors not shown on the website?
  We keep our website up to date so all of our current colors are shown online.  We can do custom colors for orders of 20,000 and up.
How do I sew up the unsewn coolies?
  After you print or embroider the coolie you simply straight stitch up the sides with the coolie inside out, then turn right side out.  The stitching should be done with a heavy duty needle and as close to the edge as possible.